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Sound Making Frisbee

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Made from high quality, non-toxic, and healthy pet materials.
It can make a sound by biting or pressing, keeping the dog's attention and adding fun to the game.
Ideal for hours of pet entertainment and other games to keep your pet healthy and active.
Help reduce dog stress and reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior.
This ball will bring a lot of fun to your pet, and it will reduce loneliness when you are not at home.
A good choice for pet owners can improve your relationship with pets.

A vocal dog toy will make a sound when bitten or squeezed, which is easy for dogs. With the sound dog toy, your pet dog can also have a lot of fun and enjoyment when you are not at home. The vocal dog toy can help your dog release excess stress and energy, and prevent your dog from destroying your furniture, shoes, books, etc.
Improved relationship
The toy dog sound is designed to be disc-shaped, so that the dog sound toy can improve the relationship between the owner and the pet, for short shots.
Chew toy
The vocal dog toy can be used as a chewing toy, which can effectively help dogs clean their teeth during play, and its soft material is conducive to picking up the dog’s teeth in the car.
Durable and safe material
The sound dog toy is made of high-quality rubber material, non-toxic, durable, wear-resistant, soft and healthy, providing a long-life service for your pet.
Design Rubber Bumper
The dog sound toy designed with rubber bumpers will not cause scratches or marks on your floor and walls, and is suitable for your home decoration.
The bottom flat design can effectively prevent the furniture from bouncing, making it easier to play


Product Name: Dog Toy Sounder
Product Category: Sounding Toys
Material: Silicone

Package Content

1X dog sound frisbee