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22 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a Ring Light

22 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a Ring Light

You’ve probably fallen on this page because you are considering buying a ring light, but aren’t completely sure about it yet. Well, thankfully, our experienced beauty team are here to help you in understanding the many extensive benefits of a ring light. For the record, ring lights are also known as diva lights, round lights, selfie lights, circle lights and ring camera lights. Keep reading to convince yourself about why you need to purchase a ring light!


  1. A ring light will help you take better selfies.

Ring lights are applauded for their ability to balance the light and provide a flattering effect in portrait photography. With a popular ring light, you are guaranteed to produce better selfies. Not only will they be of higher quality because your camera won’t have to strain itself to get appropriate light, but you will also look more natural, at ease and beautiful in the balanced light.

  1. Ring lights can improve the brightness in your makeup studio.

All the best makeup artists in Australia and abroad have professional studio lights to balance the colour and brightness within their makeup workspace. Although studio lighting is the best way to achieve good diffusion of light as you apply makeup, most of us can’t afford large lighting tools. Therefore, a ring light is the perfect solution to adjusting brightness in your studio. When positioned in front of your face, it will evenly spread the light across your facial features and ensure you can see every blemish or spot that needs to be covered.

  1. With better light diffusion, your makeup application skills will immediately improve.

Further to the previous point, better studio lighting will ensure that you can do the best possible job of applying your makeup. More visibility means you can see every part of your face evenly and fairly distribute makeup across your face. You also won’t miss any pimple-affected areas that definitely require attention. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house and realising two hours into the party that you missed a critical spot!

  1. Large ring lights are a great addition to a photographer’s gear.

If you are a professional photographer, you need to have a ring light in your equipment bag. Ring lights are incredibly versatile, so you can use them in both indoor and outdoor photoshoots. Because of their size, most ring lights are very transportable so they can be moved to different angles and locations with ease. They are also lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about having a heavy lighting bag.

  1. A ring light will never overwhelm your client.

When working with clients and external parties, it is easy to overwhelm them with big, unfamiliar tools and equipment. This applies for the makeup and cosmetics industry, as well as the professional photography and videography industries. Instead of frightening your client with enormous studio lights, they may feel more relaxed with you using a ring light. Additionally, the best ring lights allow you to adjust brightness, so you can set the light at a level that your client is comfortable with.

  1. Ring lights have multi-functionality.

When you purchase a ring light online, you will reap benefits in many areas of life. Ring lights are helpful in cosmetics, photography and general house lighting. Although most people buy a ring light with one idea in mind about how they will use it, they often end up using it for a wide range of different purposes. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. There’s a great range of ring light varieties on the market.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ ring light. This means you have ample choice when you start browsing for the perfect ring light for you. Some of the larger ring lights on the market currently include the Pro Range 18” Ring Light and the Influencer Range 18” Ring Light. If you are looking for something smaller, cheaper and more transportable, you might instead consider the Selfie Lamp Ring Light or Makeup Starter 12” Ring Light. There are also other medium-sized options if you want something that meets all demands.

  1. There are also many ring light companies to choose from.

Similarly to how there are plenty of ring lights available, there are also various ring light companies producing them. When choosing what ring light company or ring light brand to purchase from, you should consider price, quality and delivery options. Although it is tempting to impulse purchase from the first company you see, it is better to shop around and be certain you are giving your money to a trustworthy and reputable brand. You don’t want your cash going down a drain!

  1. Ring light payment plans are available if you need them.

The best ring light shops and ring light suppliers will offer flexible payment plans on ring lights to ensure you can afford the item you buy. For budding photographers and beauty professionals in the start-up phase, Afterpay is enormously helpful in managing financial restraints. Ring light Afterpay is very popular in Australia and it will help you purchase your lighting tool immediately, but pay the money at a later date. Cosmetic Beauty Boutique is one online cosmetic store offering Afterpay ring lights.

  1. There’s no need to step into a physical store to get a ring light.

Although they can be initially exciting, physical shopping endeavours often turn into frustration and disappointment. Shopping cosmetics online is much faster and simpler than shopping in real life. Luckily, ring lights can easily be purchased online and shipped directly to your door. The best online beauty stores provide fast ring light delivery and excellent customer service if you experience any issues.

  1. Ring lights can be re-sold for great value.

If you purchase a ring light and eventually realise that you don’t like it, you can easily re-sell your lighting tool to friends and family. Because of the popularity in the community, you won’t have any trouble selling your ring light for a reasonable price. You may also consider selling it if you want to upgrade to a larger or better ring light, but don’t have the money to do so.

  1. Some ring lights come with ultra-modern features.

The most popular ring lights in Australia come with unique features and characteristics. Some of the features included in Cosmetic Beauty Boutique’s ring lights are: dimming settings, flexible arms, long service life, lightweight design, portable shape and size, brightness adjustment, colour temperature adjustment, extra long power cords and low heat output. These features, and more, make the circle lights very versatile and adaptable for different situations. In particular, the dimming and colour temperature settings means you can create a wide range of desired affects, and the ring light can be altered to suit all environments.

  1. Quality ring lights can be relied upon for any sort of task or job.

If you plan to use your ring light in a professional setting, it is important that you can wholeheartedly rely on it to function well. At Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, we pride ourselves on selling some of the most reliable ring lights. Each of our ring lights has a guaranteed service life of more than 50,000 hours, meaning you can rest assured it won’t randomly stop working in the middle of an important job.

  1. Ring lights are safe and durable.

As long as you purchase your ring light through a trustworthy company, it will be safe and effective to use. Notably, the ring lights in our very own online beauty store generate zero ultraviolet and infrared light radiation. They also have low heat output and protective elements around areas that are prone to heat. These progressive features make them some of the safest ring lights available right now. You should never purchase and use a ring light if the supplier has taken no safety measures in producing it.

  1. You can take your ring light anywhere.

Naturally, ring lights are small in size. This means they can be easily transported wherever you need to go. Our very own ring lights are particularly renowned for their transportability thanks to their special design that is lightweight and portable. If the ability to transport your ring light is very important to you, you might like to consider a Selfie Lamp Ring Light. These particular ring lights are so small and transportable that they can fit in most handbags and be brought to any location. They are a great ring light for iPhone and can be used as ring lights for video or ring lights for photography.

  1. Ring lights are so, so, so easy to use.

Don’t worry if you aren’t technologically savvy. Ring lights are incredibly simple to operate. Most ring lights just need to be plugged into power and turned on via a switch for them to work. The dimming settings and colour adjustments should be easily labelled for you to manage as well. In terms of where to position them, the most common angle for a ring light is directly in front of your subject’s face. The subject in focus should be looking into the centre of the circle light. If you have any questions or curiosities about using a ring light, you can search online for quick answers.

  1. Cheap ring lights can be found online.

A ring light doesn’t have to be an elaborate purchase that drains your bank account dry. There are plenty of affordable circle lights available in online cosmetic stores. However, the cheapest ring lights aren’t always the best quality ones. The amount that you spend on a ring light will depend on your unique circumstances and willingness to spend. You should expect to pay around $100-$200 AUD for a small 12” ring light, and around $300-$500 AUD on a large 18” ring light.

  1. Ring lights are so vogue right now.

Every famous makeup artist, beautician, influencer, photographer and YouTuber has a ring light. These awesome products are super popular right now and having one will allow you to keep up with the ever-evolving trends of society. You don’t want to be the only person without a ring light, do you?

  1. You can finally get that angel halo eye effect.

If you’ve ever wondered how popular social media influencers get a halo eye effect in their selfies, you now know the answer. When positioned in front of a subject’s face, the best diva lights can create a bright circle in the eyes of the subject. This look is very flattering and can make you look ultra-angelic when you take selfies. You can finally get that super sweet sparkle in your eyes.

  1. Say goodbye to unwanted blemishes in your glamour shots.

As well as reducing shadows, ring lights can minimise blemishes on your face while illuminating your eyes. Because they generate a clean, white light, they make any visible discolouration dissipate. That means no more acne and rashes will be seen on your face – you can feel completely comfortable in your own skin. When ring lights create a super flattering effect like that, it is no wonder they are so popular among the community.

  1. Ring lights have an interesting and intellectual history.

Rumour has it that ring lights were originally created for dental professionals to get better visibility of their patient’s teeth. It allowed them to see all areas of a mouth without having frustrating shadows blocking the view at some angles. The ring light design was then adopted by the cosmetic and photography industry when they realised the benefits of a circular lighting tool could benefit them too!

  1. They are a totally worthy investment.

Ring lights aren’t just a cost; they are an investment. If you want to browse the best ring lights, take a look through our online ring light shop today. We stock a wide range of popular ring lights and many other admired cosmetic tools.